From Barra to Berneray by Keith Branigan and Patrick Foster

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From Barra to Berneray

From Barra to Berneray presents the results of thirteen years of archaeological research on twelve islands, all but two of them now uninhabited, at the southern end of the Hebridean chain.... The SEARCH team have recorded almost 2000 sites and monuments on these islands. Their pre-history has been iluminated by carefully selected excavations on sites of all periods and types. The volume includes a complete catalogue of the sites and monuments and the excavation reports for ail the prehistoric sites. These include the bronze age kerbed cairns of Vatersay and the earth-house on Pabbay, the iron age aisled roundhouse at Alt Chrisal on Barra, and the Pabbay broch. Three chapters provide an overview of the earlier and later prehistory of these beautiful but windswept islands- Archaeologists will find this an invaluable source on a hitherto ignored part of the British Isles, while those who know and love the islands will be fascinated by the story of their first five thousand years of human occupation.

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