The Vikings in England: Settlement, Society and Culture by Dawn M. Hadley

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The viking invasion and settlement in England has been the subject of a large and complex body of scholarship, with the consensus of opinion among scholars as to its exact nature and influence shifting considerably over the years. This is a fascinating new study which will make an important addition to the literature on the Scandinavians and their settlement in England in the ninth and tenth centuries. D. M. Hadley, offers a focused and interdisciplinary discussion of often neglected sources. Topics covered include the development of current debates regarding the settlement, Anglo-Scandinavian political accommodation, the differences and similarities between Scandinavian rural settlement and Scandinavians in the urban environment, the conversion of Scandinavians to Christianity, and burial practices and associated issues of ethnicity, gender and social status.

This book will be a standard starting point for researchers and students investigating the Viking settlement of Britain. It provides a clear and exhaustive summary of available archaeological, historical and linguistic evidence. It considers the history and development of contemporary debates about Scandinavian settlement, and examines differences between rural and urban Viking settlement. It looks at the Scandinavian conversion to Christianity, and other cultural changes which coincided with settlement.

Hardcover: 320 pages, Publisher: Manchester University Press (1 Aug 2006), ISBN: 0719059828

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