World-leading research

The character and strength of research undertaken by Sheffield Archaeology is captured under broad themes that reflect the range of our research and its cross-disciplinary, embedded nature. We administer our research through resource clusters that ensure the adequate distribution of research support and enable monitoring of returns in terms of research income and training. In addition, we recognise the long-term convergence of research programmes on particular areas through a number of responsive research centres.

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Our Six Research Clusters

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The Department of Archaeology is home to a wide-range of scientific research facilities that complements the different active research clusters. While primarily designed for use by the department's research staff, many of these facilities are integral parts of our innovative, research-led teaching.

Postgraduate Research

Our department is home to a thriving graduate research community, with students investigating a diverse array of topics, from human origins to the industrial revolution. We are a large department and can offer research supervision in all areas of archaeology and archaeological science.

Postdoctoral Researcher Community

At the heart of the department's research is our thriving and vibrant community of postdoctoral researchers. You can find our more about this community and opportunties to join it by clicking the title link.