The Stonehenge Riverside Project Fieldwork in 2008

The Stonehenge Riverside Project

Between 18th August and 12th September 2008, a team of archaeologists from Sheffield, Manchester, Bournemouth, Bristol, Preston, Birmingham and elsewhere are digging around Stonehenge and on the Stonehenge Cursus to find out more about these sites and their link with Stonehenge.

At Stonehenge´s avenue, immediately north of Stonehenge, we will be excavating parts of this solstitial processional route to discover if it began as a short avenue which led only as far as the nearby streambed known as Stonehenge Bottom. We will also be digging next to the avenue to find out if Stonehenge´s stones were shaped here before being put up.

At Stonehenge we will be re-digging an Aubrey Hole (on 26th August-1st September) to recover and analyse prehistoric cremations put there by archaeologists in 1935.

At Stonehenge Down (west of Stonehenge) we will be excavating the remains of a large settlement (originally enclosed behind a wooden palisade) which we think may have been inhabited by the builders of the earliest Stonehenge around 3000 BC.

At the Stonehenge Cursus (Strangways, Larkhill) we will be excavating parts of its ditch and interior at its east end to find out why this mysterious 3km-long earthwork was built.

Come and see what we are doing

Visitors are welcome between 10am and 4pm every day between Mon 18th August and Friday 12th September. Stonehenge car park gets very busy at this time of year and you may be charged for parking there.

Open Days

There are special open days between 10am and 4pm on Sat 6th & Sun 7th September (Heritage Open Days). The open days start at Woodhenge car park. A shuttle bus will carry people to the Cursus excavations where there will be re-enactors and archaeologists, including Time Team´s Phil Harding. Come along and see how the people who built these monuments lived and worked.

How to get there

You can find Woodhenge on the west side of the A345, north of Amesbury and south of Durrington. Bus 5/6 links Durrington to Salisbury and Swindon train stations.

Please remember that you are within a World Heritage Site and that these remains are protected as Scheduled Ancient Monuments.

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