Human Skeletal Collection

Our human skeletal collection comprises over 2000 articulated individuals from numerous archaeological sites, as well as disarticulated and cremated material. The main assemblages that form our collection are as follows:

  • All Saint’s Church, Fishergate, York (“The Barbican”, Multi-period): 7 individuals of Roman date, inhumation burials from the medieval All Saint’s churchyard cemetery (approx. 11th-14th c. 550 burials), and 113 individuals from 10 Civil War Mass Graves (mid 17th c.).

McIntyre, L., and Bruce, G. 2010. Excavating All Saint’s: A Medieval Church Rediscovered. Current Archaeology 245: 30-7.

  • The Black Gate Cemetery, Newcastle-upon-Tyne (8th-12th c.): 643 individuals (441 adult; 202 immature) from an early Christian burial ground in Northumbria (full extent of cemetery unknown). Possible monastic origin.

Nolan, J. 2010. The early medieval cemetery at the Castle, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Archaeologia Aeliana 39: 147-287.

  • St Lawrence’s Church, Warwick (12th-early 15th c.): 218 individuals from a parish church burial ground.

  • The Parish Church of St Mary and St Lawrence, Bolsover (11th -13th c (n=8) 18th-19th c. (n=8), otherwise undetermined): 70 individuals (40 adult; 30 immature) from a parish church burial ground.

  • Newcastle Infirmary, Newcastle-upon-Tyne (mid 18th- early 20th c.): 41 individuals.

  • The Church of St Hilda, Coronation Street, South Shields, Newcastle-upon-Tyne (19th c.): 204 individuals (117 adult; 87 immature) from a parish church burial ground.

  • Carver Street, Methodist Chapel, Sheffield (19th c.): 106 individuals (74 adult; 32 immature) from a Non-conformist burial ground in Sheffield city centre.