Sheffield Castle: Excavating the Past; Building the Future

A brand new film exploring the Castlegate project and what it means for our conception of Sheffield's heritage


"Once you've found a castle, what do you do with it?"

For the last ten years, archaeologist Professor John Moreland has been working closely with communities, the council and local businesses to answer a complex question: How can we regenerate Castlegate in a way that preserves and celebrates its heritage?

The film Sheffield Castle: Excavating the Past; Building the Future explores the site of the  2018 Castlegate excavations led by Wessex Archaeology and the Department of Archaeology. It also highlights the projects' collaborators from both within the University and the wider community. 

Festival of the Mind 2020- Film Premiere Panel Discussion

You can watch a panel discussion from the film premiere at Festival of the Mind 2020 below (discussion starts at 13:22)

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