Student profiles

Our current and former students share their experiences of studying with the Department of Archaeology.


The Department of Archaeology is hugely supportive of mature students and there is a nice community that welcomes and includes mature students

Kate Faulkes Department of Archaeology

Hear from one of our postgraduate students Kate Faulkes on her experiences and advice as a mature student studying in the Department of Archaeology


The Department offered the potential for gaining extensive training as a professional archaeologist

Xitong Lu Undergraduate Student

Archaeology student Xitong Lu talks about their experience as an Undergraduate in the Department of Archaeology

Tashi Norbu

At Sheffield I learnt a lot of useful skills and accumulated a lot of experience.

Tashi Norbu MA Heritage and Archaeology

Former Archaeology student Tashi Norbu now works as Geophysical Technician at Wessex Archaeology

Charlie Winterburn

I was attracted to the University of Sheffield due to the historic standing of the department and the successes of the department in recent years.

Charlie Winterburn MA Heritage and Archaeology

Former MA Heritage and Archaeology student Charlie Winterburn now works as an Archaeology Consultant at Landgage Heritage.

Archaeology student Jack Fox-Laverick

I really valued my time studying in the Department of Archaeology. The subjects I studied were all taught to a very high standard.

Jack Fox-Laverick BA Archaeology and History, MA Medieval Archaeology

Having completed both a BA and MA in Archaeology at Sheffield, Jack now works for Wessex Archaeology (North).

Archaeology student Amy Derrick

With a highly acclaimed archaeology department and numerous intriguing courses on offer, the University of Sheffield was the right choice for me.

Amy Derrick BA Classical and Historical Archaeology

Former Archaeology student Amy Derrick now works as Geospacial Specialist within Wessex Archaeology.

Celia Weberg

I love studying archaeology at Sheffield because my professors make the lessons engaging, accessible, and relevant to my personal interests

Celia Weberg (America) MA Archaeology

International Postgraduate Merit Scholarship winner Celia Weberg is currently studying on the MA Archaeology.

Archaeology masters student Rhianna Sullivan

I love how hands-on the coursework is and the fact that we don’t just read and talk about methods, we actually learn how to execute them properly

Rhianna Sullivan (America) MSc Human Osteology and Funerary Archaeology

Rhianna discusses her experiences so far on the MSc Human Osteology and Funerary Archaeology.

Archaeology PHD student Sarah Poniros

The University of Sheffield has one of the best archaeology/biological anthropology programs in the world!

Sarah Poniros (America) Department of Archaeology

Sarah moved from the United States to Sheffield to complete her MSc (Human Osteology and Funerary Archaeology) and PhD in the Department of Archaeology.

Archaeology masters graduate Hannah Matthews

The course has given me the confidence to progress into a new role where I can make use of the skills and knowledge that I acquired during the MSc

Hannah Matthews MSc Osteoarchaeology

After completing her MSc in Osteoarchaeology, Hannah is now Curator at the Mary Rose Trust.

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