Stock Keeping

Stock keepingAll main stocks (>5000 individual lines) of Drosophila melanogaster are housed within a 180C/70%RH controlled room with a remote wireless monitoring and alarm service.  The individual lab stock collections are maintained by dedicated support staff.  These fly stocks are kept in triplicate and flies tipped onto new growth media every 2 weeks. 

Staff also ensure all stocks are correctly labelled with both the stock number and genotype of each fly culture. Any flies that are obtained from sources outside the laboratory are quarantined before bringing them into the fly lab to make sure they are not carrying anything that could spread to other stocks. 

All Drosophila cultures are allowed to go through 2 generations and checked for mites before being brought into the main fly lab or culture rooms.  More information about how to quarantine stocks and ensure they are mite-free before entering these areas can be found in Information.