Student profiles

Evelyn Sofia Correa Diaz – student

Biomedical Engineering means a future of better healthcare. I'm very happy to be studying this degree!

Evelyn Sofia Correa Diaz Biomedical Engineering (BEng) with an Industrial Placement Year

Originally from Colombia, Evelyn arrived to find a small city, close to a wonderful hiking space and brimming with opportunity! Now, she acts as the Outreach Officer for the Engineering Without Borders Society where she goes into schools to inspire children into discovering the passion that she has for STEM.

Clara Polaco

Get involved in as many activities as you possibly can!

Clara Polaco Bioengineering Society

We have many student societies to choose from. We had a chat with the President of the Bioengineering Society – Clara Polaco – about why they should be your first choice.

Román Rocha Lawrence

I've developed a strong set of skills and professional business acumen, with lots of knowledge and unique experience relevant to working for an SME

Román Rocha Lawrence MEng Bioengineering

Bioengineering graduate Román started work at Elaros just two weeks after graduating, having nurtured a relationship with the company for several months.

A photo of Katerina - image

The course is the perfect combination between engineering and medicine

Katerina Chrysostomou Biomedical Engineering MEng

Katerina chose to study at the University of Sheffield as soon as she met the tutors and students already here together in a supportive, research-driven learning environment.

A photo of Christopher Mountain - image

My placement has been the most fun and challenging experience of my life

Christopher Mountain Biomedical Engineering with a Year in Industry MEng

Christopher was interested in the field of biomedical engineering but wasn't sure which course to pick. When he found the course at the University of Sheffield, which let him gain a broad understanding of the field before specialising, he knew it was the right choice.

Dimitris Boufidis

Be passionate, be curious, be willing to learn new things and I'm sure you will thrive

Dimitris Boufidis PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania

Dimitris Boufidis graduated with a BEng in Biomedical Engineering. During his time at the University, Dimitris was featured on BBC News for his volunteer work in the local community, presented at a TEDx Conference in Athens in front of over 700 people to inspire children on ‘how to become a hero’ and won the Chancellor’s Medal in recognition of his drive to inspire young children into STEM and his positive impact on the local community. Here he talks about his experience studying Biomedical Engineering at the University and what he’s gone on to do afterwards.

A profile picture of Saylee Jangam. She is in the lab.

Sheffield offers the perfect balance between academia and a good social life

Saylee Jangam Biomedical Engineering with a Year in Industry BEng

Saylee wanted to study biomedical engineering so she could take an innovative approach to solving healthcare problems.

A profile shot of Carla Baceanu. She is wearing a green University of Sheffield hoodie.

The diversity of the modules and the different challenges that they come with are very intellectually stimulating

Carla Baceanu MEng Bioengineering with a Year in Industry

Carla chose to study bioengineering because the challenge of combining the anatomy of the human body with engineering and modern technology is something that has always fascinated her.

A profile picture of Russell Grim. He has on a tartan shirt.

In my opinion bioengineering, robotics and space travel are going to be the three most important areas of human development in the next century

Russell Grim MEng Bioengineering with a Year in Industry

Russell chose to study bioengineering to help give people back their senses.


I gained hands-on lab experience

Alice Hann Bioengineering MEng

Through her course, and an internship, Alice now realises that her future is in researching biomaterials and regenerative medicine.

A world-class university – a unique student experience

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