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The Careers Service is here to support you.

Here are just a few of the ways...

Find out about different careers or postgraduate study by checking out ‘Explore your options

  • No idea what to do next? Choose a career you’ll love with our online course
  • Perfect your CV and interview technique with our advice on Applications, interviews and tests
  • Not finding the jobs you’re looking for? Our using social media tips to uncover the hidden opportunities may be just the job!
  • After your University account closes create a graduate account on Career Connect to find vacancies, book an appointment with an adviser (including phone and Skype) or email us with your questions. It’s easy! Follow our simple guide on how to access the system once you have left the University.

You can book a 20-minute appointment specifically for finalists via Career Connect

Remember, you can use the Careers Service for up to three years, but don’t wait that long. We’re ready and waiting now!

Workshops and Webinars

Join us for our essential graduate workshops and webinars over the summer. With answers to all your career questions, they're designed to get you to where you want to be.

In addition to our workshops, some of our events are now available as Webinars. These are live online events, meaning you can participate from anywhere with internet access!

You'll be able to see the slides, hear the presenter, and ask questions through a Q&A chat function.

To book your place on a workshop or webinar, simply click on the link below.

Professionalism in the workplace (Skip to 7 minutes and 50 seconds for start)
This session gives information and advice regarding the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of workplace etiquette, including what to wear, appropriate conversations and social media.

Working For Yourself (Skip to 3 minutes for start)
Have you ever considered working outside of the regular 9-5? Then perhaps working for yourself would suit you. This session aims to provide a general insight into the options available to you in order to begin working for yourself. A number of different self employment options will be covered and various resources and support available will be discussed. All students are welcome to attend.

How to make your applications stand out (Skip to 19 seconds for start)
This webinar will cover some of the strategies you will need to complete different job application forms effectively. You will be encouraged to consider and research what skills and attributes employers are seeking and how you can demonstrate your possession of these when answering ‘competency-based’ questions on application forms.