About us

The Centre for Criminological Research is the focal point for criminology and criminal justice at the University of Sheffield, one of Britain's main research-led universities.

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Street art in Bogota, Colombia, supporting Indigenous claims to rights and justice

We are one of the four original criminological centres of excellence in the UK and recently celebrated our 30th anniversary. Reaching across the university to bring together experts from a wide-range of excellent departments, we form a multi-disciplinary Centre conducting high quality research on a variety of key criminological subjects.

Building on our international profile, the Centre encourages leading scholars from other countries to be visitors and welcomes postgraduate research students. If you would like to join the CCR as a visitor, please see the CCR visitors page. A strong seminar series and conference programme is organised each year, creating a lively context to stimulate debate and to disseminate research findings to as wide an audience as possible.

We have established strengths in the following areas: police and policing, penology and punishment, inequalities in the criminal justice system, youth justice, historical criminology, victims, socio-legal perspectives, comparative and international criminology, technology and criminal justice. CCR is geographically located in the School of Law but has members from across the University, reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of the centre. We also have members external to the University on our mailing lists (e.g. criminal justice practitioners, policymakers and charities) who are regularly invited to our events. 

Owing to our particular strengths in police and policing research, we have formal links with external stakeholders through the Sheffield University Policing Research Group and the N8 Policing Research Partnership

If you would like to join the CCR mailing list or know more about the work of the Centre, please contact ccr@sheffield.ac.uk, or if you would like to you can follow and contact us via X.