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Name Role in Cluster Department
Brown, Dr Mark  Director School of Law
Bennett, Christopher Deputy Director Department of Philosophy (Head of Department)
Atkinson, Professor Rowland Deputy Director Department of Urban Studies and Planning
Garg, Dr Arushi Assistant Director School of Law
Thompson, Dr David Assistant Director School of Law


Name  Department
Ali, Dr Parveen School of Nursing and Midwifery
Allen, Dr Angsgar School of Education
Bacon, Dr Matthew School of Law
Banwell, Dr Julia School of Languages and Cultures
Bingham, Professor Adrian Department of History
Birdi, Dr Kamaljit Management School
Blakeley, Professor Ruth J Department of Politics and International Relations
Bottoms, Sir Anthony School of Law
Britton, Dr Jo Department of Sociological Studies
Brooks, Dr Sarah School of Management
Clark, Dr Tom Department of Sociological Studies
Clarkson, Heather Department of Education
Cochrane, Dr Alasdair School of Law
Crawley Jackson, Dr Amanda School of Languages and Cultures
Debowska, Dr Agata Department of Psychology
Dick, Professor Penny Management School
Duffy, Professor Rosaleen Department of Politics and International Relations
Duriesmith, Dr David Department of Politics and International Relations
Ellis, Dr Heather School of Education
Ellis, Dr Katie Division of Nursing and Midwifery, Health Sciences School
Farrall, Professor Stephen School of Law
Ferrazzi, Dario Department of Urban Studies and Planning
Flint, Professor John Faculty of Social Sciences
Fotios, Professor Steve School of Architecture
Hartman, Dr Todd Sheffield Methods Institute
Hayes, Dr David School of Law
Hillner, Professor Julia Department of History
Holdaway, Professor Simon School of Law
Hughes, Professor Nathan Department of Sociological Studies
Kirkham, Dr Richard School of Law
L'Hoiry, Dr Xavier Department of Sociological Studies
Lenman, Jimmy Department of Philosophy
Lomas, Jessica Department for Lifelong Learning
Marsh, Emeritus Professor Peter Department of Sociological Studies
Matheson, Dr Jesse Department of Economics
Meth, Dr Paula Department of Urban Studies and Planning
Norris, Professor Clive Department of Sociological Studies
Pattie, Professor Charles Department of Politics
Percival, Professor Richard School of Law
Priede, Dr Camilla Department for Lifelong Learning
Pryce, Professor Gwilym Sheffield Methods Institute
Rice, Dr Lindsey School of Law
Robinson, Dr Gwen School of Law
Shapland, Professor Joanna School of Law
Sharpe, Dr Gilly School of Law
Shaw, Dr James Department of History
Shoemaker, Professor Robert Department of History
Sikes, Emeritus Professor Pat School of Education
Skinns, Dr Layla School of Law
Sorsby, Dr Angela School of Law
Stampnitzky, Dr Lisa Department of Politics
Sumner, Professor Colin Department of Sociological Studies
Topakas, Dr Anna Management School
Tsuchiya, Professor Aki School of Health and Related Research
Turton, Dr Helen Department of Politics and International Relations
Watt, Dr Peter School of Languages and Cultures
West, Dr Charles Department of History
White, Dr Adam School of Law
Williams, Professor Colin C Management School
Withington, Professor Phi Department of History
Wykes, Dr Maggie School of Law