ILLRN: Black Friday International Debrief

A warehouse with shelves full of cardboard boxes.

Event details

Monday 5 December 2022
Tickets available via Eventbrite. It is free to attend.


This is an activist-focussed event centred on the organizing experiences of Amazon workers and labor organizers from the US, UK and Europe.

Confirmed speakers so far are:

  • Nick Rudikoff - Campaigns Director, UNI Global Union
  • Daniel Kopp - Progressive International Campaigner/Co-convener of the 'Make Amazon Pay' campaign with UNI Global Union.
  • Rand Wilson - Volunteer Amazon Organizer
  • Peter Olney - Retired Organizing Director, ILWU
  • Amanda Gearing and Steve Garelick - GMB Senior and Regional Organisers
  • Magda Malinowska - OZZ Inicjatywa Pracownicza Amazon
  • Roberto Luzzi - S.I.Cobas

We also expect to hear short reports from a few Amazon workers who participated in actions in the US.

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