Practitioner tools

CDW members have developed tools to assist businesses and governments in tackling problems.


Our range of toolkits listed below are based on cutting-edge research conducted by CDW members. Each toolkit aims to support practitioners in their understanding of the relevant topic.


Training toolkit for labour inspectors

This toolkit has been designed for labour inspectors dealing with workers in the informal economy. The toolkit was created in partnership with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and can be downloaded from the ILO's website.

Access: Extending labour inspection to the informal economy

SCA-Emp diagnostic toolkit

This toolkit was the result of research undertaken by the SCA-Emp team from the University of Sheffield with ongoing practitioner input. The toolkit's aim is to support sustainable, ethical supply chains and balance people and profit. This free diagnostic toolkit can help you to achieve financially sustainable supply chains and excellent employment practices. Use the self-diagnosis toolkit to assess your progress against a range of statements, make plans for improvements, and then print ‘dashboard’ style reports and action plans.

Access: SCA-Emp Diagnostic Toolkit