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Fibres from old tyres can improve fire resistance of concrete. (20 Feb 2019)

TyresA new way of protecting concrete from fire damage using materials recycled from old tyres has been successfully tested by our researchers.

Past News Events

Can we create cites that generate and store their own energy? (21 Jan 2019)

Mappin thermalOur RISE research group and the Urban Flows Observatory have been awarded £1.38m to study the flows and resources in cities.

What happens when bombs explode? (14 Jan 2019)

BlastOur Blast & Impact Engineering group are getting to the heart of what happens inside an explosion, in a new project aimed at improving the design of bomb protection systems.

Totally addicted to MaCE (Dec 2018)

Blast_picCongratulations to Prof Tyas and the rest of the Blast and Impact Dynamics team, whose "Mechanisms and Charactertisation of Explosions (MaCE)" proposal has been successful. The multi-disciplinary 4-year project, which has been awarded £1.26M of funding from EPSRC.

Artificial Intelligence can reduce urban flooding (Aug 2018)

CoimbraUrban flooding can now be managed much more effectively, thanks to a smart Artificial Intelligence based technology called CENTAUR™. This technology was recently awarded the ‘Most Innovative New Technology of the Year’ at the 2018 Water Industry Awards, a prestigious event that celebrates and rewards outstanding achievement and innovation in the UK water industry.

Fatbergs and Fibre Optics (May 2018)

getyimgAcademics from the Departments of Civil & Structural Engineering and Mechanical Engineering have been working with wastewater and systems experts nuron to develop a dual-purpose fibre sensing technology that provides an early warning for sewer blockages.

Dr Georges Kesserwani awarded an EPSRC Early Career Fellowship (Jul 2017)

DrGeorgesKessDr Georges Kesserwani has been awarded an EPSRC Early Career Environmental Change Challenge (ECC) Fellowship, which will begin in October 2017. The ECC Fellowship is a new scheme to support the next generation of leaders in adapting to and mitigating climate change. Dr Isabel Douterelo from the Department was also awarded a Fellowship in 2015 to study new solutions for water engineering problems considering skills and tools from Microbiology and Genetics.

Concrete using recycled tyres increases earthquake resistance (Jul 2017)

TyresUsing recycled tyre rubber in concrete can make it 5 times more resistant to earthquakes according to researchers from The University of Sheffield.The EU-funded Anagennisi project, led by experts from the University’s Department of Civil Engineering, has demonstrated that rubber, steel and textile fibres extracted from used tyres can be recycled in concrete to make infrastructure greener, tougher and more resistant to extreme events.

City’s energy and resource usage to be understood by new Observatory (Mar 2017)

StockthermalimageThe energy and resource use in one of the UK’s biggest cities will be analysed by a new £1.8 million centre at the University of Sheffield. Researchers at the Urban Flows Observatory will create a model of Sheffield’s energy and resource usage using fixed and mobile sensors and thermal cameras attached to drones, balloons and cars to scan the city.

£3.7m funding secured to tackle the UK’s deteriorating water infrastructure (Mar 2017)

MessOfPipesA £3.7m investment has been announced today, Thursday 2 March 2017, to enable researchers from The University of Sheffield’s Sheffield Water Centre, which contains the UK’s largest urban water research group, to develop new more scientific ways to better manage distributed water infrastructure.

A concrete world-first! (Nov 2016)

Tyre steelThe first world-wide, large-scale casting using recycled tyre polymer fibres took place in the Department in October as part of Dr Shan-Shan Huang and Prof Kypros Pilakoutas's Newton Fund Innovation Bridge award to research the recycling of tyre steel and polymer fibres for use in the concrete construction industry.

Careers Fair 2016 and Prize-giving (Oct 2016)

Careers Day 2016Last week, we held our annual Careers Fair for our students, and was attended by 20 organisations and approx. 300 students. We also held a prize giving ceremony for students who won a range of prizes during the 2015/16 academic year (sponsored by the ICE, IStructE, AECOM and the Department).

Pioneering Alumni Award Winner (Oct 2016)

Catherine Pioneer AwardCongratulations to our alumna, Catherine Rankine, who was awarded the Pioneering Alumni Award at last week's Sheffield Alumni Volunteer Awards 2016.

Dr Susan Bernal-Lopez presented with the RILEM Gustavo Colonetti Medal (Aug 2016)

Susan with Nicolas RousselCongratulations to Dr Susan Bernal-Lopez, Lecturer in Concrete Technology, who was presented with the RILEM Gustavo Colonetti Medal last Wednesday. The award recognises her as one of the best researchers under the age of 35 worldwide in construction materials.

Civil Engineering alumnus behind the UK's most popular paid-for visitor attraction (Aug 2016)

robertsSheffield alumnus Dr John Roberts (BEng Civil & Structural Engineering 1969, PhD Civil Engineering 1972, Honorary Doctor of Engineering 2006) is one of Britain’s top engineers and part of the team behind two of the UK’s biggest visitor attractions: the London Eye and the newly opened British Airways i360 in Brighton.

PODDS in the Pipeline! (Jul 2016)

podd_waterIn a recent article in Scottish Water's communications magazine Graeme Moore, Senior Project Manager at Scottish Water explains: "Prevention of Discolouration in Distribution Systems - PODDS - started life as a collaborative research project, led by Professor Joby Boxall at the University of Sheffield.

“Newton Fund” award to further develop research into the recycling of polymer fibre (Jun 2016)

DrShanHuangDr Shan-Shan Huang from Civil and Structural Engineering has been granted a “Newton Fund” award to further develop her research into the recycling of polymer fibres in used tyres so that they can be re-used in the construction industry in Brazil.

Dr Susan Bernal-Lopez awarded RILEM Gustavo Colonetti Medal. (May 2016)

Dr Susan Bernal Lopez speaking at Hunan UniversityCongratulations to one of our academics, Dr Susan Bernal-Lopez, Lecturer in Concrete Technology, who has been awarded the RILEM Gustavo Colonetti Medal. The award recognises her as one of the best researchers under the age of 35 worldwide in construction materials.

University Engineers help local school to support Earthquake-hit Nepal (May 2016)

kyprosmainWorld-leading Engineers from the University of Sheffield have been helping school pupils and their parents rebuild Nepal after last year’s devastating earthquake.

Crying concrete (Apr 2016)

Crying concreteBig infrastructure, such as tunnels, railways and buildings, are often built from large concrete structures. If they are subject to a fire, these structures heat up, causing the moisture in the concrete to evaporate.

ICE Y&H Graduates and Students Debate (Mar 2016)

Jenny ICE debateSir John Armitt, President of the Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) hosted the ICE Y&H Graduates and Students debate on the 10th March in the Diamond.

Researchers from Sheffield to collaborate on £138m Infrastructure and Cities Hub (Dec 2015)

PipeTestLoopIn the Spending Review and Autumn Statement announced by the Chancellor, George Osborne, last week, construction work on the UK Collaboratorium for Research in Infrastructure and Cities (UKCRIC) hub, which has secured £138million of funding, was included in the key project starts for next year.

University of Sheffield Receives £4.4m funding for Engineering Grand Challenges research (Oct 2015)

Facilities WaterTwo of the new research projects announced by the Science Minister, Jo Johnson today [16th October] will be led by engineers at the University of Sheffield, tackling some of the major challenges facing science and engineering in the UK.

'New Professionals for the Built Environment' - a one day conference (Oct 2015)

New Professionals for the Built EnvironmentThe Royal Academy of Engineering’s four Centres of Excellence in Sustainable Building Design are pleased to announce that registration is now open for the Centres' free one-day conference supported by the RAEng and CIBSE.

Sheffield student awarded ICE Student Prize for engineering excellence (Sep 2015)

Dominic Walker ICE WinnerDominic Walker, who graduated with a first class honours degree in Structural Engineering and Architecture from the University of Sheffield, has been presented with the annual ICE Student Prize for engineering excellence.

Royal Academy of Engineering Centres of Excellence in Sustainable Building Design (Aug 2015)

Directors of the four Centres, industry and professional representativesWith the UK committed to reducing greenhouse emissions by at least 80% from 1990 levels, the need to reduce carbon emissions of the built environment (which contributes around 45% of UK CO2 emissions) is more pressing than ever.

Bomb-proof lining contains explosion in luggage hold of aircraft (Jul 2015)

andytA bomb-proof lining developed by an international team of scientists, including engineering academics from our Department of Civil and Structural Engineering, has successfully contained blasts in a series of controlled explosions in the luggage hold of a Boeing 747 and an Airbus 321.

Inspire Girls Summer School (Aug 2015)

IMG_2096The first Inspire Summer School event for 30 female students was held here in the department from the 28th - 30th July 2015.

Leaky pipes can allow contaminants into our drinking water (Jun 2015)

jobyThe study, by engineers at the University of Sheffield, is Dr Joby Boxall works on the water contamination projectthe first to prove conclusively that contaminants can enter pipes through leaks and be transported through the pipe network.

Fieldwork in the Freezer (Mar 2015)

Midnight_sunOne of our academics, Dr Steve Thornton has recently returned from fieldwork in Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean. He was part of a team studying the interaction between groundwater and glaciers, drawing on his expertise in geochemistry and solute transport.

Go beyond the expected - blast engineering (Mar 2015)

CIV747An international team, including engineers from our department, has created a bag that can protect planes from bombs. It’s designed to be filled with luggage in the hold of a plane and its layers of high-tech fabrics protect from blast shock waves and projectiles.

Lasers, explosions and radioactive contamination (Mar 2015)

Laser_1Laser scabbling is a decontamination technique used in nuclear decommissioning. Contamination in concrete tends to be limited to the surface material (~10mm), therefore by removing the contaminated surface the volume of hazardous waste can be reduced dramatically.