Kajanan Selvaranjan

Department of Civil and Structural Engineering

Research Student


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Kajanan Selvaranjan
Department of Civil and Structural Engineering
Room E110
Sir Frederick Mappin Building (Broad Lane Building)
Mappin Street
S1 3JD

Kajanan graduated from the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka in 2018 with a degree (Bsc (Hons) Eng.) in Civil Engineering and MSc in Structural Engineering in 2020 and subsequently joined the Concrete engineering research group at University of Sheffield as a PhD student under the supervision of Dr. Giacomo Torelli, Prof. John Provis and Dr. Maurizio Guadagnini.

His research investigated development of experimental testing facility capable of measuring LITS evolution under triaxial loading for temperatures up to 500C with the world leading instrument of Mac2T.


BSc. (Hons) Eng in Civil Engineering

MSc in Structural Engineering

Research interests

Research Project: Development of high temperature experimental methods for validation of novel concrete constitutive models for nuclear applications

This project aims to support the development of novel experimental techniques that will allow the collection of invaluable experimental data pertinent to concrete under severe transient conditions. This will serve as an open database for the nuclear industry and is relevant to the general civil engineering industry as a whole, for situations where fire safety is important.

Research group

Structural Engineering & Materials