Tommy Lodge

Department of Civil and Structural Engineering

Research Student

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Tommy Lodge
Department of Civil and Structural Engineering
Cedus Labs
Harpur Hill
Buxton, Derbyshire
SK17 9NL

Tommy graduated from The University of Sheffield with an MPhys degree in Physics in 2012. He then spent a number of years working in industry before returning to the University as Lab Manager for the Blast and Impact Dynamics Group's research lab in Buxton. He is responsible for day to day running of the lab, working closely with industry partners to deliver complex research projects and testing regimes in a safe environment.

Beginning in 2019, Tommy is also currently studying for a PhD looking to understand the effects different soil conditions have on the loading due to a buried charge.


MPhys Physics from the University of Sheffield

Research interests

Research Project: Understanding the threat posed by buried charges in different operating environments

This work aims to investigate the risk posed by buried charges in both the littoral and subarctic environment, and combine this with existing data to widen the knowledge of the affect geotechnical conditions have on the loading from a buried charge. This will be achieved through a meta analysis of existing data in the literature and a series of experiments using the Characterisation of Blast Loading (CoBL) apparatus housed at the Universities Blast labs in Buxton.

Research group

Blast & Impact 

Structural Engineering & Materials 

Geotechnical Engineering