Safety update

Please read in full and complete any outstanding, mandatory training.


Mandatory training
In line with the University's Health and Safety Objectives for 2021-24 and the Health and Safety Training policy, the following online training courses are now mandatory for all staff: Both below courses are to be renewed every three years.  It is kindly requested that all staff ensure that both of the above courses have been completed by the end of December 2022.

Health and Safety Awareness
Manual handling - the basics

Please also note that completion of the following training courses remains a mandatory requirement for PRE staff.  Compliance is routinely monitored and it is requested that staff renew training when requested to do so.

Fire Awareness and Fire Marshal Training (extra points if you spot Pip in the video!)
Out of Hours and Lone Working
Display Screen Equipment
Display Screen Equipment - Working From Home

Campus safety

The following information was shared with all University staff by Richard Yates, Head of Security on 26 September.  Please familiarise yourself with the procedures for reporting an incident.

All incidents taking place on campus or at our student residences should be reported first to the Security Control:

In an emergency:
- SafeZone app: Red emergency button
- 24 hour line: 0114 222 4444

General enquiries:
- SafeZone app: Blue non-urgent button
- 24 hour line: 0114 222 4085
- Email:

Incidents which should be reported include:
- Assaults
- Theft and burglary
- Anti-social behaviour such as noise complaints
- Incidents of a medical nature, whether its mental health issues or physical injuries
- Hate crime incidents
- Any other suspicious incidents of a security, safety or welfare nature

Download SafeZone

As part of our ongoing commitment to campus safety we have developed SafeZone, a free app which staff and students can use to alert University Security Services via mobile phone if you ever need emergency or non-urgent assistance or first aid, while on campus or in our residences. To download the app, visit:  You can also view a variety of wellbeing resources within the SafeZone app via the Wellbeing Assistance button.

Security Services will be able to locate you if you alert them while you are on campus or in our residences. You will also receive notifications from the University via SafeZone if there is a major incident on campus. To enable this please log into your personal profile on MUSE to add or update your mobile number - here's how:

- Log into MUSE
- Go to: myJob / myTeam / e-Recruitment
- Click on Personal Profile

SafeZone is privacy protected, so will never share your location unless you request assistance. Sharing your location stops when an alert is cancelled or completed. For more information and advice on keeping yourself and your property safe, visit:

Accident and near miss reporting
PRE staff should familiarise themselves with the process for reporting accidents, incidents and near misses at the University.  The University's Health and Safety Objectives for 2021-24 outline that near misses* at the University appear to be underreported.  Underreporting can lead to preventive action being missed until an accident or incident occurs.
*near miss is defined as "an unplanned, uncontrolled event that, under slightly different circumstances, could have resulted in an injury or damage to property"

As part of the University’s arrangements for the management of health and safety, accidents involving injury, fires, incidents involving property damage and near misses must be reported to University Health & Safety via the Accident, Incident and Near Miss Reporting system.  The system can be accessed via MUSE (Accident, Incident and Near Miss Reporting). To report an accident, incident or near miss, click on the  button at the top of the page.