Safezone is the free app for students and staff which provides round-the-clock safety reassurance via your mobile phone.


Using the app you can alert University Security Services via your mobile phone if you ever need emergency, first aid or non-urgent help while on campus or in our residences.  Through the app you will also receive mass notifications from the University if there is an incident developing on campus.

SafeZone is privacy protected, so will never share your location unless you request assistance. Sharing your location stops when an alert is cancelled or completed.

We are also a part of SafeZone Alliance - meaning you can use the app when visiting friends at some other universities.  

Find out more about SafeZone Alliance

A check-in timer function for lone working or working out of hours is available within the app.


Search for 'SafeZone' in the App/Play store or use the links below:

Apple App Store - SafeZone download

Google Play - SafeZone download

Questions and answers

Here we will cover some specific questions about how the University of Sheffield will use SafeZone.

However, if you have general questions about using the app, the technology or privacy, SafeZone also has a comprehensive list of FAQs on its website. Please note that not all the FAQs on he SafeZone website apply to the way that the University is using the app.

How is the University using SafeZone? 

We recommend that all students and colleagues download the app to enable you to:

Request urgent assistance

If you feel threatened or need urgent assistance, tap the Red Emergency button. Campus Security will know your location, try to contact you and come to your location.

Raise a first aid alert

If you need assistance for PHYSICAL and MENTAL Health, tap the FIRST AID button. Campus Security will know your location and will direct a qualified First Aider to assist you. if you  are on campus, or to the emergency services if you are outside a campus zone 

Request non-urgent help

If you need non-emergency assistance from Campus security, tap the Non Urgent button. You will be connected directly to speak to Security, and they will know your location.

Show your location

Identify your exact location at the touch of a button - useful if calling the emergency services or breakdown assistance When raising an alert, communicate by messaging rather than talking on the phone.

Give feedback

You can make suggestions for enhancements in a SafeZone Forum Receive emergency communications (text messages, email, or SafeZone notification).

How do I opt in?

All colleagues and students at our UK campuses are opted in (rather than opt-out, as we have a legal duty of care for your safety). But you need to make sure we have the correct number for you, and it has to be a mobile number. 

If you are a student you can update your mobile number using the All Services link in the Student hub.

If you are a staff member you can update your mobile number in communication preferences, in the Personal Profile within myJob / myTeam / e-Recruitment (via MUSE) .

When would the University use SafeZone to communicate with me? 

SafeZone is for emergency communications only and would be used for emergencies or major  incidents that you needed to be aware of. We hope we don’t have to use it, but occasions when we may use it could include a coronavirus outbreak on campus, a sudden closure, extreme weather, a fire or gas leak, or a terrorist attack in the area. 

The system is kept under lock and key, and only a handful of people in the communications and  Campus Security can send  messages through SafeZone, so when you get a message you know it is important. In line with GDPR, it will never be used for marketing, surveys or to promote events.

Who will the SMS and email come from?

The text will appear from SafeZone.

The email will appear from SafeZone <>.

How do I download the SafeZone app? 
  • Search for SafeZone, and download  from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. The creator of the app is CriticalArc Pty Ltd. (Note: Newer Huawei devices (Mate 30 Series, Honor 30 Series and P40 Series, and later) are not supported due to restrictions on Huawei's ability to use Google apps and services.)
  • Login using your University credentials 
  • Follow the prompts to set up your account 
What information will I be asked for? 
  • Name: Use your real name. This helps to ensure security can identify you if you need help 
  • Phone number: Provide your mobile number. If you are signing up for the first time on an  iPad or tablet, use your mobile number (even if that is not a smartphone). In most situations,  responders will use this to contact you 
  • Picture (optional): This will help responders identify you if you are in a crowded location 
  • Profile updates: Once you’ve signed up, you can open the SafeZone app and update your  details at any time.

Remember that your personal information is held in strictest confidence (see the SafeZone  Privacy Policy) and your location is never recorded except when you raise an alert for help  from the security team.

Who will answer my call or alert if I am on AMRC campus?

The Security team based at the Sheffield campus will be alerted should you press any of the three buttons and they will respond direct to you, dependent on the situation. 

Who will answer my call or alert if I am in student residences?

The Security team based in the residences will be alerted should you press any of the three buttons and they will respond direct to you, dependent on the situation. 

How will I know when my alert has been received? 

Your alert will be acknowledged by a member of the Security team and you will be prompted to either  ring the Security Centre or, failing that, you may receive a call or text message from the Security  team.

Can I use SafeZone off campus if I am in trouble or feel unsafe while at home or out and about? 

Yes, the app can be used wherever you are located, however, if you are outside any of our campus  zones, your emergency or first aid calls will be directed to the nearest in-country emergency service. 

I can’t use the app as I have a disability. Are any other options available to get help?

For users who are visually impaired the app will read out the screen information. The app will also  work on a tablet; however, the tablet needs to be connected to the internet to send an alert.

You can still also call Campus Security on +44 114 222 4085 for non-emergencies and +44 114 222 4444 for emergencies. 

Can I still call security?
Yes. This is an additional way to communicate with Campus Security. You can still call Campus Security on +44 114 222 4085 for non-emergencies and +44 114 222 4444 for emergencies.
How is my privacy protected? 

The SafeZone app only shares your location with campus security when you press one of the three alert buttons (emergency, first aid, non urgent). You decide when you are visible, and you can cancel any alert at any time. 

All information that you provide as a SafeZone user is protected by relevant country privacy laws.

SafeZone privacy provisions

Can SafeZone be used to check up on me if I am not at work or in lectures?

Absolutely not. This would be a breach of trust and also GDPR. It would get us into a lot of trouble.

We can assure you that your location data will only be visible to security (again only if you choose to share it) and they have no interest in whether you are bunking off, as long as you are safe. Security will only share your name, details and location with others for the purposes of sending you help - for example if you need a first aider or emergency services.

Will data be shared if my parent/guardian/next of kin ask for it?

No, data will never be shared with any member of your family. GDPR does not allow it. The only time we would be forced to hand over data would be if it was requested by the police, who  had a warrant.

Who can use SafeZone?

All staff and students are invited to use SafeZone. However some people will not be able to use SafeZone, these are: ULaw and Sheffield International College Students; and also Visiting and Honorary Staff. 

What can I do if I need further help on setting up or using SafeZone?

Take a look at the Critical Arc FAQ webpage, you can use the “Contact us” button to get support on installing and configuring the app, the button is at the bottom of the page. You can also contact the IT Service Desk