Travelling alone

Here are some tips for staying safe whilst travelling around the city

  • Stay alert - awareness is your best defence
  • At night, avoid taking risky shortcuts through back alleys, parks or waste grounds. Where possible, stick to pavements and well-lit areas.

  • Be confident - even if you don't feel it.

  • Trust your instincts - if you think something is wrong, then act on it.

  • Always pre-book a licensed taxi for your journey home.

  • If you’ve run out of money on a night out, then you can still get safely home by taking advantage of our Safe Taxi Scheme (login required).

  • Wherever possible stay in a group with your friends and never walk home alone - make alternative arrangements.

  • Walk facing traffic so you can see what's heading towards you and so a car can’t pull up behind you unnoticed.

  • If you regularly walk home or go out jogging, try to vary your routes (without taking risky shortcuts).

  • Wearing earphones is common practice, but please be aware that they may appear attractive to potential attackers and reduce your alertness to your surroundings.

  • If you are carrying a bag make sure the clasp is facing inwards, all zips are closed correctly and all pockets closed. If your bag is snatched let it go, your safety is more important than your property.

  • If you have expensive items such as jewellery, mobile phones or music listening devices, keep them out of sight.

  • If you are threatened by a person, scream, shout and set off a personal attack alarm to startle the attacker giving you time to escape. Try to make a note of details such as registration plates, clothing, and height, then report the incident to the Security Team and Police.