Incident reporting

Information and resources about our procedures for reporting of security or safety incidents.


How to report an incident


SafeZone App: Click the red EMERGENCY button or call: 0114 222 4444 (24 hour)


SafeZone App: Click the blue Non-Urgent button or call: 0114 222 4085 or email:

This includes reporting of suspect criminal, noise complaints, incidents of a medical nature, whether its mental health issues or physical injuries, hate crime incidents and any other suspicious incidents of security, safety or welfare nature.

In all reported cases of alleged crimes, but in particular assault/sexual assault, indecency, fraud, theft (including car or cycle theft) and burglary, you are advised to inform the local Police, calling 101 (non-emergency) or 999 (emergency) and Security Services. If in doubt, advice on Police involvement may be sought from the Security Services management team.

Criminal offences committed by students, staff or visitors will be reported to the Police by the Security Services team, in line with University regulations.

Any Police involvement on University premises is to be notified to the Security Services management team to enable effective University management of any subsequent actions on our estate.

Where appropriate, in addition to any Police involvement into alleged criminal offences by staff, Human Resources and other relevant departments will be informed by the Security Services management team for possible consideration under the University disciplinary procedures.

This reporting procedure should be followed 24 hours per day.