TransEnergy project

TransEnergy: Road to Rail (R2R) Energy Exchange


Engineers have received £1.5 million in funding for a new battery energy storage project that could mean more efficient and cheaper trains.

​The TransEnergy project led by the University of Sheffield, will work with Network Rail to investigate how battery storage could be used to power our railways.

​As train companies try to increase the frequency of trains on existing railway infrastructure, electricity supply is under greater pressure to be available at peak times.

​Engineers will study whether batteries from electric vehicles parked at train stations could supplement the system at busy periods. Commuters could receive free parking in return for their electric cars being used as back-up batteries, providing Road to Rail energy exchange.

​The use of batteries will reduce the demand for electrical energy supply in these periods and could mean rail operators benefit from more efficient and frequent services. Passengers could in turn benefit from reduced costs and more train services.

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