We have dedicated facility managers and technicians who can support your project's needs, as well as world class expertise in our academic team. Contact us to find out more about accessing our equipment.

Facility managers

Svetomir Tzokov

Electron Microscopy Facility Manager

TEM - Tecnai, CM100, freeze-plunging)

Telephone: +44 (0)114 222 4674


Chris Hill

Electron Microscopy Facility Manager

SEM and CLEM, TEM and SEM, High Pressure Freezer, Ultramicrotomy


Academic expertise

Professor Per Bullough

Professor of Structural Biology

Per's team focuses on two challenging areas of structural biology: membrane proteins and very large macromolecular complexes. Their main technique is high resolution cryo-electron microscopy, which is often used to complement other structural techniques such as X-ray crystallography.

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Arctica cryo-electron microscope (CryoEM), centrepiece of Sheffield's new facility

Our team at the launch of the Arctica cryo-electron microscope with Nobel Prize winner Dr Richard Henderson.