About CURE

CURE is a research group based in the Sheffield Centre for Health and Related Research (SCHARR). We are linked with the Emergency Department of the Northern General Hospital Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Trust, Yorkshire Ambulance Service and a number of other organisations.



SCHARR is a leading national and international centre for urgent and emergency care research. 

CURE researchers undertake health service research into the organisation and delivery of urgent and emergency care, and work with the Clinical Trials Research Unit (CTRU) and the section of Health Economics and Decision Science (HEDS) to undertake health technology assessment relevant to urgent and emergency care.

Areas of research interest

We have studied a wide range of issues in urgent and emergency care, including

  • performance indicators and measures of quality of care, such as response times, waiting times and risk-adjusted mortality rates
  • methods for managing demand for urgent care, such as NHS Direct, NHS 111 and reducing avoidable admissions
  • delivery of specialist emergency care, such as primary angioplasty, major trauma centres and neurosurgical care for traumatic brain injury
  • the urgent care workforce, including nurse practitioners and paramedic practitioners

Associations with public and patient involvement (PPI) groups

CURE has been associated with the members of the Sheffield Emergency Care Forum (SECF) for many years, working on studies within emergency medicine.

SECF is an independent group representing patients, service users, carers and the general public on matters relating to research into the emergency health care provided by the NHS locally. SECF also assists by offering independent and impartial general public and patient perspectives on research proposals, patient information sheets and lay summaries.

Centres of excellence

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