Current trials and studies

An alphabetical list of all trials and studies currently being undertaken by the Centre for Urgent and Emergency Care Research.



A pilot study exploring the impact of self-rostering on junior doctor well-being and absences in a tertiary adult emergency department

  • Project lead: Alexander Robertson


  • Project lead: Steve Goodacre


CUREd Research Database

  • Project Lead: Sue Mason
  • Funding Body: Connected Yorkshire (until 2019); NIHR Applied Research Collaboration in Yorkshire and Humber (ongoing support since 2020)

Visit the CUREd webpage

CUREd+ Research Database

Visit the CUREd+ webpage


Data Connect

  • Project lead: Sue Mason
  • Funding body: The University of Sheffield

Visit our Data Connect website

Development and Skills Enhancement Award

  • Project lead: Jamie Miles
  • Funding body: NIHR Academy / NIHR ARC Y+H


Evaluation and implementation of Unscheduled Care Coordination to reduce hospital attendance

  • Project lead: Sue Mason
  • Funding body: Department of Health and Social Care

Evaluation of NEWS2 in the initial assessment of adults attending the emergency department

  • Project Lead: Steve Goodacre
  • Funding Body: NIHR RfPB

Exploring fairness in AI for mental health

  • Project lead: J Foster
  • Funding body: UKRI


Frequent Users of the Emergency Department: Improving and Standardising Services

  • Project lead: Else Guthrie
  • Funding body: NIHR HSDR


HDRUK Northern Partnership

  • Project lead: M Pirohamed
  • Funding body: HDRUK 

HDRUK Regional Linked Data Group

  • Project lead: Sue Mason
  • Funding body: HDRUK


Identifying consensus on adult avoidable ED attendances – a modified Delphi study

  • Project lead: Alexander Robertson


Mixed methods study to understand the scale, impact and care trajectory for patients who have long lie after a fall

  • Project leads: F Sampson, S Mason, J Coster, M Kuzcawski, J Lewis, F Bell, P Bell, R Pilbery
  • Funding body: NIHR HSDR


NIHR / HDRUK Winter Pressures rapid call

  • Project lead: Sue Mason/Jen Lewis
  • Funding body: NIHR/HDRUK

NIHR Senior Investigator Award

  • Project lead: Sue Mason
  • Funding body: NIHR

NIHR Yorkshire/Humber Applied Research Collaborative (ARC YH)

  • Deputy Director, Theme Lead for UEC: Sue Mason
  • Funding body: NIHR



Supporting the ambulance service to safely convey fewer patients to hospital (RADOSS)

  • Project lead: Adam Noble/John Dickson
  • Funding body: NIHR RfPB


Salbutamol for analgesia in renal colic, feasibility trial

  • Project lead: G Johnson (Derby NHS FT)
  • Funding body: NIHR RfPB

South Yorkshire Digital Health Hub

  • Project lead: Tim Chico
  • Funding body: EPSRC

Visit the South Yorkshire Digital Health Hub


Transforming care and outcomes in Borderline Personality Disorder

  • Project leads: Weich S, Byng R, Burton C, Kendall T, Chico T, Osmani V, Mason S
  • Funding body: UKRI Mental Health Platform Hub


Yorkshire and Humber Subnational Secure Data Environment

  • Project leads: Lawton T Mason S (South Yorks lead), Hall G, Jones M, Doran T, Wright J, Mon-Williams M, Rice P, Rickles L
  • Funding body: NHSE

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