Meet the speakers

Tuula Valkonen: Deep Talk has come from Tuula's career in two very different areas. She has 40 years' experience as an early childhood teacher, and during much of this, she also worked as a workplace mentor and as a solution-based therapist for the Finnish legal system.  

Tuula's work with children led to her becoming a trainer for Godly Play, which is a child-centred approach to sharing Christian stories. The Godly Play method inspired her to find a way of using stories to enable dialogue in secular workplace settings. In 2010 she took a bag of sand and some wooden people into the Nokia factory in her hometown of Salo. This was the beginning of Deep Talk.

Tuula has used Deep Talk for 14 years and is the author of the 2015 book “Deep Talk”. She has 
worked with Turku University in the research of Deep Talk and trains mentors and teachers in the Deep Talk approach in Finland and around the world.

But she consider herself first and foremost as a human - very much a human. :)

Claire Pedrick, award-winning coach, author and speaker will be speaking on 'Meaning Making.' Claire is a managing partner at 3D coaching where she works with corporate and church clients to develop the skills and confidence of individuals and the effectiveness of teams. Her work with laity and clergy seeks to engage the whole individual in effective ministry while developing healthy boundaries and clear objectives.

Claire's webpage can be visited here: Claire Pedrick MCC - 3D Coaching and her LinkedIn profile is here Claire Pedrick MCC | LinkedIn Claire's book, 'Simplifying Coaching' is published by the Open University Press and she has contributed to the 'Coaching Inn' podcast, available here: The Coaching Inn | a podcast by 3D Coaching (

Kate Cornwell has been a hospital chaplain for the past 5 years, offering spiritual support to patients, their families and to NHS staff. She has especially found Deep Talk to be a valuable tool in providing emotional support to groups of NHS staff, as we come out of the pandemic.

Kate will be presenting on the use of Deep Talk to support NHS staff, drawing on her experience and practice.

Rebecca Walton has practised Deep Talk for a number of years. During the past year she have been using Deep Talk online with a small group of childless women and has used Deep Talk to promote Equality, Diversity and Inclusion as part of her role at work in a major UK university. Rebecca previously worked in museum education where she also used elements of Deep Talk.

Rebecca will be leading a Deep Talk practice session. This practical session will be an opportunity to experience this method of using Deep Talk to generate actions for change. The group will agree on a shared challenge, and through the Deep Talk story and community play will devise actions to address this challenge. Following the session, there will be opportunity to debrief and feedback on this approach and how it could be used or adapted for participants’ own contexts.

Kathryn Lord has been a Deep Talk practitioner and trainer since 2016 and is co-founder of OutoftheBox, a movement of storytellers to use and adapt Deep Talk for different contexts and to co-create new stories in different genres. OutoftheBox offers different ways of learning and developing in the art of Deep Talk through mentor led courses, peer learning  and self-led learning resources. 

During the conference, Kathryn will be leading a workshops on writing Deep Talk stories, adapting the method to different contexts, and using OutoftheBox.

Monika Doering is a priest in the Church of England and works as paediatric hospital chaplain. Monika is trained in Godly Play, Deep Talk and OutoftheBox (a variety of Deep Talk) and has been practising all three over the years, especially Godly Play and OutoftheBox.

Monika will be leading a workshop on the use of Deep Talk in interfaith contexts, drawing on her own work in Muslim – Christian – Jewish projects.

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