Visiting Academics and Students

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Visiting academics and students

We welcome applications from academics and doctoral students who wish to undertake periods of study within the DHI. Initial enquiries should be made to the director, Michael Pidd.

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Current visiting academics and students

Niccolò Galliano

Affiliation: University of Milan

Position: Visiting Doctoral Student

Duration: January - June 2024

Niccolò is researching the substantial business correspondence of the Casa Ricordi music publisher, held at the Archivio Storico Ricordi, Braidense National Library of Milan. His project will reconstruct and examine Casa Ricordi’s business network across the Fascist Years (1919–1940).

Past visiting academics and students

Dr Ghazala Kausar

Affiliation: National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad

Position: Assistant Professor and Visiting Academic

Duration: February - October 2023

Ghazala's project involves an analysis of the language of legal texts in Pakistan to understand how they impact women in the work place. Ghazala is using her visit to help inform her understanding of data analysis and language analytics methodologies.

Dr Ana Elvira López

Affiliation: Universidad de La Rioja, Spain

Position: Lecturer and Visiting Academic

Duration: May - July 2023

Ana is a specialist in English philology. Her current research involves reviewing and improving the many thousands of headwords contained within the Universidad de La Rioja's established and longstanding Old English corpus database project, Nerthus.

Irene Martinez Misa

Affiliation: Universidade da Coruña, Spain

Position: Visiting Doctoral Student

Duration: March - May 2023

Irene is conducting research into the poetic movement known as Instapoetry. The first part of her research focuses on digital humanities methodologies for acquiring, analysing and interpreting this type of social media content, including data ethics considerations.

Marta Tío Sáenz

Affiliation: Universidad de La Rioja, Spain

Position: Visiting Doctoral Student

Duration: September 2018 - February 2019

Marta's research is focussed on the lemmatisation of Old English weak verbs as part of the Universidad de La Rioja's Old English corpus database project, Nerthus.

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