Health and Safety in the Diamond's Engineering Laboratories

The aim of the Diamond is to deliver world class practical education to students in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Sheffield. By their nature, conducting exercises in laboratories and workshops will involve work that is potentially a risk to personal health and safety but is vital to equip engineers with the knowledge they need to practice. Understanding, managing and practicing good health and safety process allows potentially dangerous activities to be performed with the likelihood of serious incident occurring being virtually eliminated.

The staff in the Diamond take care to ensure that all of your laboratory and workshop classes are as safe as practically achievable and all activities have been fully risk assessed. But as educators, our ethos is to ensure that it isn’t only the staff involved in health and safety, but that everyone working in the building, from students to visiting professors, has the opportunity to be trained in the processes that allow practical engineering to happen safety. It is in your interest to take this aspect of practical work seriously, for two reasons:

  1. Any serious incident occurring in a lab or workshop could have life changing consequences.
  2. Becoming aware and proficient in the principles of health and safety will make you a more competent, and ultimately more employable engineer.

Health and safety is everyone’s responsibility. It is up to staff in the building to ensure the activities prepared for you are as safe as possible. It is up to you to prepare yourself for the activities by reading/watching and fully understanding all the material available on these pages and any additional material specific for each activity. If you are asked to perform a task and are unsure about any health and safety aspect of what you have been asked to do, stop work and consult a member of staff. If you see someone breaking the rules and putting people at risk, regardless of if they are a student sticking their pen into a power socket or an eminent professor walking around a lab in shorts and sandals, drinking a cup of tea, it is your responsibility to do something about it.  Being prepared, being sensible and being vigilant will prevent the majority of potentially serious incidents from occurring.

  • MEE Health and Safety Policy.
  • Health and Safety rules for undergraduate students working in the Diamond engineering laboratories and workshops.
  • Laboratory and workshop rules for project students using teaching labs and equipment in the Diamond.
  • Health and Safety rules for MEE staff working in Diamond engineering laboratories and workshops.
  • Health and Safety rules for visiting staff.
  • Health and Safety rules for specific laboratories in the Diamond.

Before you are due to work in the Engineering laboratories, you need to read and understand one of the following set of rules.