Networking Opportunites from Studying Dutch

During a hot week in June 2017, recent graduate Lucy Mitchell spent a week working at the Dutch Embassy in London. This is how she describes her experience.

Netherlands Embassy, London from Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication

"I spent a week at the Dutch Embassy in London working in the Press, Public Diplomacy and Culture Department with Lauren Harris who is the Spokesperson and Senior Communications Advisor.  I had met Lauren at the ALCS Student Days in London.

During the week I helped create and write content for the Embassy's social media pages. I sat in on a few conferences including a conference to discuss Brexit and how best to engage with and inform Dutch citizens of the developing situation. I also attended a talk from the Agriculture Department discussing new techniques in fishing and how Dutch fisheries could be affected by Brexit.

As the Embassy was across the road from Kensington Gardens, I went to the park for lunch everyday with the other interns and got plenty of Dutch practise in as I was one of the few British people at the Embassy! All in all it was a really fun week and I couldn't have done it without the networking opportunities I get from studying Dutch!"

Close collaboration with organisations such as the Association for Low Countries Studies (ALCS), the Anglo-Netherlands Society, Flanders House, and the Dutch Embassy offers our students the opportunity to build up useful contacts in the civil and diplomatic world.