Nu jij: Animated language

We are proud to present our language Youtube channel. We offer animated grammar explanations as well as speaking exercises. All developed by staff and students at Sheffield.

colourful circles with text in Dutch

Covid has changed the way we deliver our language classes: we discovered the benefits of digital teaching materials. Making a virtue of necessity, we launched our new Youtube channel Nu jij in 2020 and in collaboration with Carrot Stick Art, we have kept our collection growing since. 

It was in April 2020 that we started to experiment with our visual approach to grammar. Our learners are all familiar with a pictorial presentation of information; who has not at least dabbled with a bit of Duolingo or Babbel. Our aim was to borrow some of the visual and fun options of our familiar apps and to combine it with a level of precision required for a university language course. Our first attempt, How to Conjugate the Regular Dutch Verb in the Present Tense has already surpassed the 30,000 viewers mark.

I have been trying to learn for 2 years and this is the first real clear explanation I have found. Thank you!

Lisa Munro

Comment left on our YouTube channel by a satisfied user

More recently we have added a speaking element to our Channel. This reflects the way we teach language at Beginners' level: we introduce functional, practical language alongside vocabulary and more formal grammar in order to give our students the confidence to start speaking at an early stage. In our Nu jij videos, the viewer is presented with a common social situation and prompted to 'insert' their phrases into the narrative. The language is practical and frequent. 

In de kledingzaak: Petra is looking for a pair of smart trousers for her grandmother's birthday party

And perhaps the best thing of all is: we can all join in. We are currently working on new animations scripted by our Intermediate students. Understanding something yourself is one thing, but turning it into a format to share with others is quite another. And the beauty is: we have lots of topics to get on with. Do subscribe to our Channel!

Nu jij

Four students laughing while sat at a bench, outside the Students' Union

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