In praise of our Erasmus Language Coaches

The contribution of our Erasmus languages coaches to the everyday running and the positive atmosphere of the Dutch Section cannot be overstated.

group of students with a pick Dutch poster

Each semester our Erasmus Languages Coaches are involved in organising our oral classes; they set up and deliver our tandem programme; they help out with or organise social events. In short, they show generosity and willingness to get involved. We are grateful that they offer their time and expertise so generously.

Undergraduate Placement in Dutch Studies

Most of our language coaches study are Erasmus students at Sheffield. Their involvement with the Dutch programme is additional to their coursework. However, some opt for an Undergraduate Placement in Dutch Studies. In this module you get closely involved with the  Dutch language teaching. Typical activities are: observing language classes, delivering (parts of) classes, marking formative assessments, one-to-one remedial tutoring, developing material etc.

Our Taalunie Language Assistant is our primus inter pares: they receive a modest payment from the Dutch Language Union (Taalunie) to coordinate the conversation programme and the activities of the ‘taalcoaches’.


Why do students offer their time to support the programme? We decided to ask three of them: Cedric Vermeire (Rijksuniversiteit Gent, Belgium), Roos van Oude Kempers (Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, Netherlands) and Paulina van Bergem (University of Sheffield). This is what they said (in Dutch).

If you are interested in joining us during your Erasmus period at Sheffield, please get in touch with Henriette Louwerse (

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