Public Transport

UOS Tramstop

Public transport is the easy way to get around the city. The Supertram runs through the heart of University, Sheffield Station has undergone a major transformation and high frequency bus services can take you to all parts of Sheffield and South Yorkshire.

The University provides a discounted ticketing scheme offering significant discounts against the on street prices of monthly travel passes. These are available to University Staff or Students who are not in possession of a category A or B parking permit. Passes can be purchased in person at EFMHelpdesk or via the University on-line store

Information on public transport can be found online with timetables and route maps also available from most porters lodges. Students can travel for free on the H1 hospital shuttle service between the Northern General and Hallamshire Hospitals.

Want to know more?

For more information on what the University is doing to support public transport email or telephone (22)29056.

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