Project staff and friends

Meet the staff of the Feast and Famine project and associated researchers


Project staff

Dr Martin Beneš (Czech Language institute, Czech Academy of Sciences), co-investigator

Professor Neil Bermel (University of Sheffield), principal investigator

Dr Tomislava Bošnjak Botica (Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics), co-investigator

Professor Dunstan Brown (University of York), co-investigator

Dr Roger Evans (University of York), co-investigator

Dr Gordana Hržica (University of Zagreb), co-investigator

Mr Luděk Knittl (University of Sheffield), project administrator

Dr Kateryna Krykoniuk (University of Sheffield), research associate

Dr Dominika Kováříková (Charles University), co-investigator

Dr Kamila Smejkalová (Czech Language Institute, Czech Academy of Sciences), co-investigator

Dr Virve Vihman (University of Tartu), Estonian project lead

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Affiliated staff and students

Dr Mari Aigro (University of Tartu), Junior Researcher

Dr Sara Košutar (University of Tromsø), Research Assistant

Dr Alexandre Nikolaev (University of Eastern Finland and University of Helsinki)

Dr Kristian Roncero (University of Munich)

Advisory Board

doc. Václav Cvrček, PhD (Charles University)

Professor Anna Thornton (L’Aquila University)

Dr Matthew Baerman (University of Surrey)

Professor Andrea Sims (The Ohio State University)

Professor Dagmar Divjak (University of Birmingham)

Professor Petar Milin (University of Birmingham)

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