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Our pioneering and innovative research is making a real-world impact on some of the greatest challenges facing humanity. This is the future. And it will be Sheffield made.

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The University of economic growth The University of Sheffield is proud to be part of the South Yorkshire Investment Zone, which allows us to build on the success of our region’s Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District — the first of its kind in the world. Led by the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority, it furthers our strength in areas including aerospace, power and energy, life sciences, digital and creative and engineering across all sectors.
Bringing new sustainable aviation fuels to market faster

Sustainable aviation is vital to reducing the UK's carbon emissions. We're bringing together our world-leading research and innovation with industry powerhouses, like Boeing and Virgin Atlantic, to help make air travel cleaner and achieve the world’s first net zero transatlantic flight.

Understanding the impact of air pollution on ecosystems Air pollution is a growing threat to our health and climate. Our research found that its effect on plants could be worse than we initially thought.
A turning point for the treatment of motor neurone disease We led a Phase 3 clinical trial of an investigational drug for a type of motor neurone disease. The results of the trial showed significant improvements in patients’ symptoms, with one patient in a wheelchair later able to walk without sticks.
Helping the voices of Afghan musicians be heard As the Taliban regime came back into force, musicians in Afghanistan disappeared and fled. We’re promoting the flourishing of Afghanistan’s orchestral music internationally by connecting and supporting Afghan musicians across the globe.
The power of powder With the UK’s first continuous powder processing plant located in a university, we help companies across various industries remain competitive. Our researchers work closely with leading brands such as AstraZeneca, Procter & Gamble, and Unilever to improve products by modifying their particles.
Supply chain analysis to keep products out of landfill The rising cost of returned products is a burden on Britain’s retailers and the environment. We’re working with businesses to reduce their costs while keeping high-quality products out of landfill.
Cleaning train lines and reducing delays Every year, leaves fall onto tracks costing the rail industry millions of pounds to remove. Our waste-free system uses dry ice and is significantly more efficient than current methods. Following successful trials, the system has the potential to revolutionise how we clean the UK’s railways.
Making green industry a reality We need to make net-zero a reality for industry. Our national scale R&D facilities bring low carbon energy technology to market quicker.
Decarbonising industry with carbon capture Our research looks at ways to reduce and even eliminate carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel power plants and heavy industry.

Decarbonising industry with hydrogen

Hydrogen is a clean fuel that can heat our homes, power industry and transport. We have the facilities and expertise to enable the deployment of a UK hydrogen economy.
Rock: an unexpected weapon against climate change Adding crushed rock dust to farmland could draw down up to two billion tonnes of carbon dioxide from the air per year and help meet key global climate targets, according to a study led by the University of Sheffield.
Feeding the world with climate resilient crops Beans, rice and wheat are diet staples for people across the world. The Institute for Sustainable Food has found a way to grow these crops using less water to make them more resilient to higher temperatures, unpredictable rainfall and drought.
Propelling aviation to Jet Zero The University of Sheffield is bringing together its world-leading research and innovation with industry powerhouses to help revolutionise air travel and decarbonise transatlantic flight.
Developing the new generation of small modular reactors Nuclear power generates electricity without producing greenhouse gases. Our research ensures this can be done securely and sustainably.
Delivering resilient, energy efficient supply chains to achieve net zero Our research creates future supply chains, systems and societies that are resource and energy efficient.
Lower cost power generation from wind turbines Our research is improving the operation, reliability and performance of wind turbines which could lead to lower cost electricity generation.
Powering tomorrow's electric vehicles Our Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre has partnered with The Ultimate Battery Company to create lighter, higher capacity, faster-charging, eco-friendly batteries.
Mapping food insecurity in the UK For the first time, the extent of food insecurity in the UK has been mapped at a Local Authority level by researchers at the University of Sheffield.
Unravelling the causes of neurodegenerative conditions Advanced therapies signal a new era of medicine. For the first time we have the potential to offer much-needed treatments for devastating neurological diseases that cannot be treated by conventional drug compounds.
Transforming the experience of ageing Over 60% of people aged over 65 have multimorbidity, the presence of two or more chronic health conditions. The Healthy Lifespan Institute, at The University of Sheffield, is the UK’s first research institute entirely dedicated to the understanding and prevention of age-related disease, multimorbidity and frailty.

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