14 January 2021

Green in Sheffield

Let's not forget about the climate crisis. That was the position of a group of students in German. They combined their drive to live a greener life with their love for German to create a video message for fellow students.

Imgae with thank you for watching in German

Franziska Auer, our Austrian Lektorin and leader of the Grün in Sheffield project, reports.

'Due to the relentlessness of the covid-19 pandemic, climate change has been pushed down the priority list. Nicht gut, was what our German final year students decided: our climate remains an important topic to talk about, even during a pandemic. So as part of their Oral Classes our students started to explored the topic of climate change in German. Our first question was: 'What is the specific climate change vocabulary required to compose a convincing narrative?'

And convincing it had to be because our students set themselves the challenge to give fellow Sheffielders – and especially first year German students, who might not have had the chance to fully explore what the city has to offer – useful tips about how to live greener and more mindful in Sheffield.

Many great discussions and ideas came up during our sessions. Students raised questions such as. ‘Is recycling the best option to deal with plastic waste?’ or ‘Which means of transport are practical and eco-friendly in Sheffield?’ And above all: 'What can you do to live a greener life as a student in Sheffield?’

At the end of our exploration, we all felt that we had learned so much from each other and we cannot wait to use all these tips in the future!

We proudly present one of the many videos that were produced: Grün in Sheffield.

Green in Sheffield

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