Our Chinese community


Our Chinese community

The University of Sheffield is home to over 4,000 Chinese students, a Chinese speaking Vice-Chancellor, the Confucius Institute of the Year and is a leading voice for China in the UK.

Our understanding of Chinese culture, along with our academic and business expertise, is helping to forge new partnerships, links and friendships between our two countries.

谢菲尔德大学是4000 多名中国留学生的家园,我们拥有一位会说中文的校长,我们的孔子学院被评为先进孔子学院,我们还是英国国内倡导中国的声音。


Confucius Institute 10 year anniversary celebration

China's Ambassador to the UK visits the University of Sheffield to celebrate 10 years of the Sheffield Confucius Institute.

Guide to Living in the UK for Chinese students

Accommodation Services at the University of Sheffield wanted to share a few useful hints and tips on what to do as a Chinese or international student when you move to the UK. You can select the English subtitles as this has been filmed in Chinese Mandarin.

Dangers of bringing a rice cooker from China to the UK

Many Chinese students want to bring the luxuries of home with them when they venture to the UK. However, due to the difference in voltage power between the two countries - it is exceptionally dangerous to do so. Please watch our video so that you can understand the risks involved – we just want you to stay safe in University accommodation.

Our relationship with China

We spoke to Chinese students and staff, including Professor Li Xiao, Deputy Director of the Sheffield Confucius Institute, about the state visit of President Xi Jinping, the collaborations between the UK and China and also their experiences of Sheffield.