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We are a bridge reinforcing friendship and cooperation between the UK and China.

FREE Mandarin Lessons

FREE Mandarin lessons have been offered from February 2020 and will be offered again and again throughout the year, as part of a research study on language learning. You need to attend all 16 lessons, as well as 4 research sessions at the beginning and end of each block of 8 lessons. Open to absolute beginners who are aged 18 and above (no top age limits).

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Scholarships Studying in China

If you are a learner at our CI, or taking Non-Specialist Chinese module at SEAS, with 150 vocabulary (passing HSK Level 1), you could apply for 4-wks scholarships, studying in China this summer. Other one semester and one year scholarships are also available.


Mandarin Playgroup

Following a set of curriculum that is backed by research and delivered by trained teachers, Mandarin Playgroup opens to children aged 2-3 and their parents (one child with one parent). Learning a second language can be as easy as learning the first at this age. One hour each lesson and twice a week. Held at our CI Office.

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Doing Business

We aim to support both UK and Chinese businesses by building links, promoting trade and investiment, and providing insight into language and culture.

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