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We are a bridge reinforcing friendship and cooperation between the UK and China.

Online Mandarin Summer School for Children

Summer Care, Fun, Inspired and Aiming Higher! Let’s talking in Chinese; exploring Chinese Characters; retelling stories; singing songs; playing games and engaging STEM activities. Open to all aged 5-16. Being able to speak Mandarin is NOT a prior requirement. Two sessions a day, 1h/session, Monday-Friday, 3rd Aug - 15th Aug 2020. Fees: £50.

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Writing and Video Competitions

To celebrate your Mandarin language studies with us, you are invited to submit a piece of creative writing in Chinese relating to Chinese Dragon Boat Festival. Native Chinese people are also invited in order to show different perspectives. Submission deadline 31st July. You are also encouraged to create a video clip based on the theme “China & I”. Submission deadline 31st Aug.


FREE Beginners Mandarin

FREE Beginners Mandarin lessons will be offered again, as part of a research study on language learning. You need to attend all 16 lessons, as well as 4 research sessions at the beginning and end of each block of 8 lessons. Open to absolute beginners who are aged 18 and above (no top age limits).

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Doing Business

We aim to support both UK and Chinese businesses by building links, promoting trade and investiment, and providing insight into language and culture.

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