Research into China, Language Acquisition and Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language


China Seminars

The CI regularly invites academics and experts worldwide to give talks at 'China Seminars Series', about latest research in language studies, language teaching, international relationships and economics, etc.

Research into Language Acquisition

Working with the Childhood Bilingualism Research Centre of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, SCI conducted research on the acquisition of Mandarin Chinese by heritage Mandarin and Cantonese speakers.

The project filled the gap for heritage language acquisition by school-age children and its research results have been publicised at various training courses and academic conferences. It has also led to further collaboration between the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the university of Sheffield.

Play Group for 6 months - 3 year-olds

The CI, together with the Chinese University of Hong Kong, will launch a bilingual infant playgroup (0-3 years old), carry out a research in language acquisition in the early years, and develop the curriculum and teaching materials.

Chinese Language Acquisition Research Centre

The centre investigates the acquisition of Chinese by various types of learners to enhance understanding and provide references for language teachers, policy makers, textbook designers etc.

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