Photography Competition- the China-UK Perspectives | 摄影比赛- 中英视角

In collaboration with the Chinese Students & Scholars Association (CSSA), the Confucius Institute at the University of Sheffield is pleased to announce the China-UK Perspectives: 2022 Photography Competition.

A small boat on a little river going through an urban area in Suzhou, china

Towards the end of the year, in preparation for the fast-approaching Spring Festival, the Confucius Institute at the University of Sheffield usually holds the annual “China in Your Eyes” photography competition, which showcases photos taken in China over the past years.

The competition also acts as a part of the wider Chinese New Year Celebrations that take place in Sheffield. Last year, the Sheffield Confucius Institute (SCI) held the “Our 2020” Photography Competition - “我们的2020” 摄影比赛, which turned out to be a great success and in 2021, the SCI organised the "China-UK International Photography Competition: Exploring Perspectives”.

A fundamental part of the Sheffield Confucius Institute is to build a bridge between China and the UK and by applying this purpose to the competition’s theme, we can help participants better understand each other’s respective country and culture, through a camera lens. Participants are asked to only submit photos taken in the UK and/or China.

Doing so brings the theme of “Perspectives” to life and can people around the world learn more about Chinese and British culture. As such, in collaboration with the Chinese Students & Scholars Association (CSSA), the SCI proudly presents the "China-UK Perspectives: 2022 Photography Competition".

Participants are invited to submit up to four of their own photographs in any of the following categories (1 photo per category). Participants are also asked to include a short title and description along with each photograph.

The China-UK Perspectives: 2022 Photography Competition

The categories are:

  1. Famous Landscapes and Cityscapes
  2. Cultures and Customs
  3. Everyday Life
  4. Artistic Images

Competition Rules:

  • Only photos taken in China and/or the UK will be accepted.
  • It is each participant’s responsibility to ensure that any entry submitted is his or her own original work.
  • Each photo submission must include a title/name and a short description, max. 50 words in English.

Note: The Sheffield Confucius Institute maintains the right to make public any entry submitted into the competition either in part, parts or in full.

Deadline for submission:  Tuesday 10 January 2023

Judging: A judging panel chosen by the organisers will judge submissions and winning entries will be exhibited at City Hall (see below: Exhibition).

Prizes: This year we are unable to give out prizes in person, instead E-vouchers will be awarded to 3 x winners in each category; £30 for 1st place, £20 for 2nd place and £10 for 3rd place.

Exhibition: The SCI will display the winning entries at Sheffield City Hall in the Ballroom, forming a fundamental part of the SCI’s Chinese New Year celebration activities. The CNY Show will take place on Tuesday 24 January and further details of this will be announced at a later date.

Requirements: JPEG only, original photos, no watermarks. Each photo must include a title/name and a short description, max. 100 words for each photograph (in English).

Submission: Please submit your photos, along with the required titles and short descriptions to

Please note: Participants can choose which categories to submit a photo in and do not need to submit a photo in all four categories to participate. It is each participant’s responsibility to ensure that any entry submitted is his or her own original work.

Sheffield Confucius Institute maintains the right to make public any entry submitted into the competition either in part, parts or in full.

Previous competitions

China-UK International Photography Competition: Exploring Perspectives


Famous Landscapes and Cityscapes


1. Wulingyuan National Park - India McKellar

2. Temple of Heaven Gardens - Hugh McDaniel

3. Sunset at the peak of Huangshan - Iana Zhornik


1. Peace - Yifang Hao

2. Swansea city with Kilvey Hill - Tianjie Lu

3. The magic of London - Yantian Zhu

Cultures and Customs


1. Taoranting Park - Hugh McDaniel

2. Faith - Iana Zhornik

3. Colours of a monastery - Ava Rangolam


1. A family attracted by the Lion dance - Wen Zhang

2. Angels come Tonight - Luxi He

3. Mounted Branch - Qixuan Gao

Everyday Life


1. NaiNai - Iana Zhornik

2. Temple of Heaven - Hugh McDaniel

3. The daily grind - Ava Rangolam


1. 一眼万年 (One thousand years at a time) - Guoyu Liu

2. 爱的传递 (Transmission of Love) - Shangyuan Liu

3. Tram - Leslie Yan

Artistic Images


1. Crouching Tiger - Ava Rangolam

2. Zhangjiajie Bridge - India McKellar

3.         - 


1. Bugs Bunny - Jiayi Cai

2. Spiral staircase at St Paul's Cathedral - Wen Zhang

3. Crowded - Jiajin Liang

Our 2020 Photography Competition / 我们的2020” 摄影比赛


Winners Gallery

China in Photographs competition 2020

Have you ever been to China or simply you were born and lived there?

Open to all, Group A is for non-Chinese and Group B is for Chinese people.

Fantastic prizes will be awarded to 1st and 2nd winners at each category:

Landscapes and Cityscapes Famous Sites Portraits Culture and Customs Everyday Life Artistic Images

Submit maximum six photographs, one photo for one category.

File: no watermarks; the picture width or length must be greater than 3000pixels and the file size is between 2MB-6MB.
Please state your group, your name, your contact number, the photos' titles and categories, and up to 100 words description (in English) for each photograph.

It is your responsibility that any entry submitted is your own original work. The Confucius Institute maintains the right to make public of any photographs submitted in part and in full.

Photograph display and an award ceremony will be held at Sheffield City Hall, the Ballroom, on 27 January 2020, 4:00-6:45pm (free admission).

Event rundown:

4:00pm - Ballroom Door open; Photos Display; Cultural Activities; Food Stall, live-entertainment 4:30-5:30pm - Registration Desk opens for photograph competition winners (register to get onto stage) 5:45-6:05pm - Award Ceremony 7:00-8:45pm - Main Show at Irwin Mitchell Oval Hall (ticketed).
China in Photographs competition 2019

Best in Show (“Best in Show” is an overall winner that can be selected from any category.)
Choice 1: Sunrise at the Great Arch at Getu Philip Smith
Choice 2: Paper Cutting Ziyi Cheng

Famous Sites
Choice 1: View from Tsz Shan Monastery Dawid J Starosta
Choice 2: Huanguoshuo Water Fall Graham Sedgley

Landscapes and Cityscapes
Choice 1: Down by the river Christoph Schimkowsky
Choice 2: East meets West Mimisha Gadhia

Choice 1: Shaolin Snowfall Alex Allen
Choice 2: Strangers Edwin Pineda

Culture and Customs
Choice 1: The Treasure of Man Mo Temple by Dawid J Starosta
Choice 2: Summer Palace Ribbon Dance Matthew Sutcliffe

Everyday Life
Choice 1: Making Ginger Rock Sweets Graham Sedgley
Choice 2: Friends at Lunchtime Philip Smith

Artistic Images
Choice 1: Rush Hour in China Panjia Zhou
Choice 2: Erhai Lake Xiufeng Jia

China in Photographs competition 2018

Best in Show

1: Landscapes and Cityscapes-Megan Eustace-The Avatar Mountains
2: Portraits-John Seddon-Meet Grandma Zhiwen

Famous Sites
1: Famous sites -Graham Sedgley- Zhang jia jie- artists’ inspiration
2: Famous Sites-Adam Croft-Forbidden City - A View especially for Grandpa

Landscapes and Cityscapes
1: Landscapes and Cityscapes- Landscapes-Shona Fraser- “Si Gu Niang shan”
2: Landscapes and Cityscapes-Tim Cooper -“Boats on the Li River”

1: Portraits-John Seddon-Miao women
2: Portraits-Jacob Flandrak Payne -Resting by the Lotus Pool

Culture and Customs
1: Culture and Customs-James Jennings-Concentric hostel, Xi'an
2: Culture and Customs-Anais R Azilinon -Prayer

Everyday Life
1: Everyday Life-Eckart Lange-Taxi Paying
2: Everyday life-Sara withoutah-food marker in Yongshu

Artistic Images
1: Artistic images-Alison Thompson-Beijing Sunset
2: Artistic Images- Isabelle Barnes -Wong Tai Sin Temple

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