Mission | 目标与任务

The Confucius Institute at the University of Sheffield (SCI) was set up in 2007 in partnership with the Confucius Institute Headquarters (now named the Centre for Language Education and Cooperation), Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) and Nanjing University (NJU).

China countryside

SCI is part of the University Global Engagement that brings together existing expertise to support the University’s vision to be a globally leading university that connects knowledge and cultures across national borders. It is one of the many successful international partnerships at the University of Sheffield.

SCI offers a programme of activities and courses designed to give staff, students and wider community an insight into Chinese language and culture. Its services are aligned with the vision of the University and committed to education and research. Its extended services provide innovative approaches to include a focus on the needs of business and industry. Its international collaborations build a diverse community of people and inclusion.

In 2014 The University of Sheffield was named as one of the first universities globally to host Model Confucius Institute, focusing on both business and healthcare.

SCI won three Global Confucius Institute of the Year awards during the Global Confucius Institute Conference in 2010, 2015 and 2018.  

SCI is seen as one of the UK’s leading centres of China and UK collaboration. On Wednesday 27 September 2017, the Confucius Institute at the University of Sheffield held a major event to mark the 10-Year Anniversary and to celebrate 10 years' of achievements.

The event was attended by senior representatives including Chinese Ambassador to the UK Liu Xiaoming, Paul Blomfield MP and President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sheffield, Professor Sir Keith Burnett.

The Institute is the focus of China-related activities, including

  • research into learning Chinese as a foreign language
  • Chinese language training for students, teachers, community and business
  • Chinese language testing
  • seminars on Chinese culture and society
  • Chinese language and cultural resources.

The Sheffield Confucius Institute aims to:

  • Be a focal point for China-related activities in Sheffield and the broader region of the Midlands and Northern England.
  • Develop research into the teaching of Chinese as a Foreign Language in the English context and into testing methods appropriate for the region.
  • Promote the teaching of the Chinese language in UK primary and secondary schools and support the development of teachers of Chinese.
  • Support teachers of Chinese language and Chinese teachers in UK schools through training programmes and teaching methods appropriate to the UK context.
  • Contribute to Chinese cultural awareness and activities which educate the UK public in relation to China, its culture and its language.
  • Foster the provision of innovative and flexible non-degree Chinese language learning courses for the wider community.
  • Provide cross-cultural communication seminars and workshops for the business community and all levels of government.
  • Forge strategic alliances with key stake-holders in business, industry, government and other institutions to support the programme of the Institute.
  • Develop and promote Chinese Studies and Research within Sheffield University and other educational institutions in the UK and especially in the North of England, and encourage students to develop a sound knowledge of China.
  • Host scholars, researchers and language teachers from China.

A global reputation

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