Mandarin Chinese Within School Time | 学校里的中文课程

Advice, support and taster sessions can be provided to schools looking to offer Mandarin Chinese to their students.

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Further Support for Mandarin Teaching:

We offer comprehensive support for schools interested in introducing or enhancing Mandarin instruction. This includes:

  • Provision of Mandarin teachers
  • Development of Mandarin teaching programs
  • Collaboration on school curriculums
  • Sharing of teaching resources
  • Implementation of Mandarin provisions

Why Teach Mandarin?

In 2014, foreign languages were formally incorporated into the primary school curriculum in England. Key Stage 2 students (ages 7–11) can choose to learn one of seven languages: French, Spanish, German, Italian, Mandarin, Latin, and Ancient Greek. We advocate for Mandarin as an essential addition to school curriculums for several reasons:

  • Educational Enhancement: A strong foundation in a foreign language by age 11 sets students up for success, providing valuable skills for future learning.
  • Global Relevance: Mandarin is increasingly recognized as a crucial global language. It is ranked by UK businesses as the third most useful foreign language for employees, following French and German.

How We Can Assist:

For schools exploring the introduction of Mandarin Chinese for their pupils, as well as their feeder schools, we offer:

  • Initial advice, support, and taster sessions
  • Further assistance with staffing, program development, curriculum collaboration, resource sharing, and leading Mandarin provision implementation

These services are provided free of charge for the first year, including the cost of Mandarin teachers. However, travel expenses may be incurred depending on the distance.


For more details, please get in touch via email at

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