China Day activities and workshops | 中 国 日

We support school in understanding Chinese language and culture through a range of different activities including workshop packages like "China Day" Activity for both primary schools and secondary schools.

CI children participating in China Day activities

China-themed activities at school is probably the easiest way to engage students and to raise awareness of Chinese culture through enhanced extra-curricular provision, providing a unique experience for students.

Our aim is to educate the UK school students about China, its' culture and its' language.

How to organise a China Day 

Select a range of activities/workshops from our list, arrange a day for them to be taken place over the course of a day or two, and book our instructors to lead the activities. 

Workshops are normally about 50 minutes long, with a maximum of five workshops per day per instructor. For example, five workshops can be selected and rotated around five groups of students in a day.

China Day at your school

Book one or more of the following workshops for a China Day at your school:

  • Chinese language taster  
  • Chinese characters demystified
  • Chinese brush calligraphy
  • Chinese arts and crafts
  • Chinese folk dance
  • Tai Chi
  • Music and Songs
  • Language and Storytelling
  • Chinese cookery* (halted due to issues related to COVID-19)

*Chinese cookery: Costs of the ingredients will be passed onto the school. We will provide a list of ingredients in advance once we receive the total number of participants and dietary requirements from school. Please note that meat can be used for the Chinese dumpling filling unless a vegetarian option has been selected.


All of the above activities are charged at nominal cost, £90/half-day (before or after 12:00 noon) and £160/full day per instructor. Travel expenses incurred will be passed onto the school.

Download China Day booking form (Word, 102KB).

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