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Dominic Ganteaume

Central and South America region, Trinidad and Tobago, Law, Class of 1982

Dominic Ganteaume

My recollections of my time at the university are amongst my happiest of memories. What stands out for me most was the welcome that I received from the people of Sheffield (their Yorkshire accent was at first baffling) and from the British students I met.

In a matter of two weeks, after Intro Week, I had settled into an extended family of friends from every part of the UK. In my First Year, I read Medieval and Ancient History as well as Archaeology, so the Arts Tower was my destination every day as I joined the long column of students tramping down to the university from Ranmoor, being joined by the denizens of other halls of residence.

Riding the paternoster lift at the Arts Tower was great fun! I remember the many lively conversations I had with friends over lunch at the Students Union, or seated at Ranmoor’s long tables for our evening meals. After I switched courses to law, there was the hike up to the Crookesmoor Building, which felt like mountain climbing! Of course the cold was the thing I had to battle during my stay and this I did under six layers of clothes: reduced to three in the summer. Participation in students activities, like serving on the Junior Common Room committee of Ranmoor House and drama productions at the University Drama Studio (Macbeth and Lysistrata 1982), widened my experience of university life.

The many cultural opportunities that I had while living and studying in the UK certainly made up an important part of being a student. What I can also add is that I was taught by professionals and the knowledge gleaned from my academic experience serves me in good stead to this day. That knowledge, and the discipline that came with it, was the foundation of my later successful pursuit of graduate studies in business in the United States.

Sheffield University has remained in my heart to this day, treasured, loved and remembered, and for which I will always be grateful to my parents for giving to me.

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