On the 7th October 2015, the team behind GLOSS were awarded a TESS (Teaching Excellence in Social Sciences) Award for 2014-2015. The TESS Award was given to the GLOSS team to recognise the outstanding achievements of the Global Leadership Initiative to date, and also the wonderful contribution which the GLI and the GLOSS scheme more broadly, has made to the Faculty of Social Sciences at The University of Sheffield.

TESS Award winners receive their plaques

The Faculty of Social Sciences TESS Award for outstanding practice in learning and teaching was awarded to Garrett Wallace Brown (Politics), Hugo Dobson (SEAS), Deborah Sporton (Geography), Hayley Stevenson (Politics), Sian Parkinson (Faculty International Team), Jason Heyes (Management) and Tom Goodfellow (Urban Studies and Planning); all of whom have been instrumental in the development and progression of the Global Leadership Initiative.

The GLOSS team were awarded £500 to be spent in ways which will contribute to the continued success and development of the Global Leadership Initiative and the GLOSS scheme more broadly.