The SIDshare/KEDA Alumni Field Centre is a joint venture designed to create a source of income to support the international development projects of SIDshare and KEDA.

Kilimanjaro FC

Planning for the project started in 2012 with early alumni donations, but it was not until Dr Sporton was introduced to supporter of the University of Sheffield and Tanzanian Murt Merali that the idea began to develop into a reality. Mr Merali donated £10,500 towards the Field Centre, which also received a small contribution from the University’s Department of Geography, a £10,000 grant from the Alumni Fund and a plot of land donated by KEDA.

The full "Engaging Communities" feature of the Field Centre can be viewed online here, on the Sheffield Alumni "Your University" webpages.

The Video produced by the Alumni Office can also be viewed here.

We are extremely grateful to the University of Sheffield Alumni and supporters of the The University of Sheffield for making this Field Centre project possible.