The Legacy of Menla

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Monday 29 April 2019
The Diamond, Lecture Theatre 5


We were delighted to announce, in collaboration with Students for Global Health, the film screening of The Legacy of Menla (Dir. Adam Miklos, 2016).

The Legacy of Menla
(Dir. Adam Miklos, 2016)
With an accompanying talk by the director, Adam Miklos.

The Legacy of Menla tells the tale of three Indian women diagnosed with cancer who, flouting the wishes of their friends, families, and doctors, eschew Western medical advice to instead follow an ancient form of treatment: traditional Tibetan medicine. Although it does not always promise a cure, Tibetan medicine, one of the world’s oldest medical traditions, does offer the possibility of a new perspective in the face of death—and in this case, forever alters the lives of three women and their families.

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