Dr Maurice Beseng

Institute for Global Sustainable Development

Research Associate, AfriCultuReS Project

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Maurice received a PhD in Development Studies from Coventry University in April 2019. His PhD research examined the nature and scope of fisheries crime in Cameroon and its implications on the livelihoods of coastal communities framed within a maritime security governance discourse in the Gulf of Guinea region of West & Central Africa. 

At the Sheffield Institute for Sustainable Development (SiiD), his research on the AfriCultuReS project explores end-user engagement and capacity development of in the development and use of remote-sensing products and services to combat food insecurity in Africa. Alongside this, he will be developing papers from his PhD research focusing on the securitisation of fisheries and broader issues of the political ecology of maritime security governance. Previously, Maurice was a Postdoctoral Researcher in African Politics and Economics of Wildlife Trade at the University of Oxford Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU), were he explored the connection between global donkey skin trade and wildlife trade and the implications on food security and livelihoods of donkey-dependent communities in Africa.

Research interests

Political ecology; marine environmental crime, technology and maritime security, ocean governance