A Just Transition to Circular Economy


Emanuela Girei and Andrea Jimenez are Co-Is in a EU-funded project, ‘A Just Transition to Circular Economy’ (JUST2CE), led by Mario Pansera (Vigo University) and Andrea Genovese at the The University of Sheffield. The project, involving fourteen academic and non-academic partners from Europe and Africa, will start on 1st September 2021 and last three years. It aspires to address existing shortcomings of Circular Economy literature and practices, currently dominated by techno-managerial aspects, which render CE an essentially apolitical and technocratic agenda. 

JUST2CE aims to analyse the economic, societal, environmental and policy implications of CE approaches in theory, policy and practice. It also aims to provide guidance to policymakers and other key stakeholders on how to overcome identified barriers and limitations and develop more comprehensive and contextualised CE initiatives. 

More information on the project are available 

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