Staff/Student Committee Membership 

The Departmental Staff/Student Committee serves as an important means of communication between staff and students. The Committee is convened at the beginning of the academic year by a member of academic staff, and its student membership includes students from:

  • Level 1A
  • Level 1B
  • Level 2
  • Level 3

The Student Union representative also attends meetings.


Students are invited to stand as candidates for membership of the Committee in the first three weeks of the academic year. Elections will be held if necessary.

At the first meeting of the Committee, the Chair and the Secretary of the Committee are elected. In recent years student representatives have filled these roles.

Student members of the Faculty of Arts Staff/Student Committee are also elected at this first meeting.

2013-14 members

Frequency of meetings

The Staff/Student Committee usually meets twice per Semester. It is responsible for organising the student evaluation of courses and discusses issues raised by student and staff representatives.

The minutes of the meetings are normally discussed at Departmental Meetings and, where appropriate, its recommendations may be considered there as well.

Many of the issues raised by student representatives require immediate action, and will be taken to the appropriate member of staff to be addressed.

Contacting student reps

If you wish to propose a topic for discussion by the Staff/Student Committee please contact one of the reps.

In most cases we hope in the first instance you would consult directly the appropriate member of staff.