GALDOS The annual Pérez Galdós Lecture, endowed by the Spanish Embassy, celebrates the
work of Benito Pérez Galdós (1843-1920), Spain’s greatest novelist after Cervantes, and one of the masters of European realism.

In the thirty novels which form the core of his achievement, Galdós bears unique witness to the public and private life of Madrid in the years when it began to be a great modern city. Thrustful, yet accident-prone, shaped by powerful impersonal forces, yet full of intensely human passages of life, Galdós’s Madrid is still
our kind of city. As one of his finest critics wrote, “he makes us see more clearly when we look around us.”

The Spanish Embassy and the University of Sheffield share the hope that the Pérez Galdós Lecture will make that experience available to a widening circle of readers. That is an aim, too, for Sheffield’s Galdós Editions Project, with which the Lectures are associated. (See

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